Tough Conversations: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Let’s be honest, most of us avoid conflict, especially at work. Whether it’s a coworker, a customer, a direct manager, or your direct reports, conflict can’t be avoided forever. What if there was a way to have a difficult conversation without causing hurt feelings or resentment?


In this presentation you will learn:

  • What we know about conflict from human psychology
  • How to start a tough conversation and get off on the right foot
  • How to redirect a conversation that gets out of hand
  • How to maintain a positive relationship through conflict

How to Manage and Engage Millennials

As millennials take over our workforce, understanding how to lead and manage them is essential to your leadership success. So, who are these millennials and what’s all the hype about? It might surprise you that participation trophies and social media are not the reason for concern.

In this funny and honest presentation, you will learn:

  • The Facts on Millennials
  • How to Influence and Connect with Millennials
  • Effective ways to manage and engage Millennials

Boot Camp: Ramp Up your Revenue

The key to improving anything is knowing where you are; things that get measured get done. We will work through a proven M-E-I-R  Measure, Evaluate, Improve, Reproduce) Process that will help you understand what is working, and what is not working in your Marketing and Sales processes.

At the completion of this boot camp:

  1. You will understand Revenue Generation better than you ever have.
  2. You will have a detailed Marketing and Sales plan of action to finish 2019 strong
  3. You will lay the ground work to make 2020 your best year ever.

See upcoming Xtra Mile Boot Camps here.

Enraged to Engaged: Fixing Frustration with Team Performance

Team dysfunction is a common but often overlooked problem in the workforce. It’s the leader’s job to ensure the team runs effectively and efficiently. Often, team leader’s lack the knowledge to truly get their teams performing at their full potential.

This presentation will explain the 4 missing pieces that lead to dysfunction and how to take your team from frustrated and disorganized, to engaged and performing at their best.

Hiring and Keeping Top Talent

Hiring top performers is tough in the booming North Texas economy. Keeping these top performers can be even tougher. The average cost to replace an employee is 16-20% of their salary. Employee turnover will cost you more than having a good retention strategy.

Ross Paterson will be giving you tools to not only hire top talent, but keep them engaged at your company.

How to be a Business Ironman

Ross shares his experience training for and competing in an Ironman triathlon and how the lessons he learned on the journey tie into his business success.

This entertaining and challenging presentation will leave you motivated to reach higher in business and in life.

  • Overcome your fears
  • Find the right partners
  • Mind your P’s (Passion, Persistent, Positive, Patient)


Inspiring Lasting Change in Afghanistan

The destinies for Afghanistan and America have become intertwined since the September 11th attacks.  And while our military is doing tremendous work, the rest of America can make significant contributions to their ultimate success by staying engaged with the political and development processes.

In this presentation, Ross will share stories from his personal experiences of traveling to Afghanistan more than 14 times in the last 10 years. Stories of success and breakthroughs, stories of Afghans who are committed to a new future, stories you will never get to see in the media. There is hope for Afghanistan, but only when the full power of America’s values of Liberty and Justice are built into the leaders who will move the country towards that new future.

Leadership GRIT

We all have great leaders that we look up to, some in our immediate lives, others are heroes from the past. We think to ourselves “I wish I could be more like Lincoln” or whoever your hero is. What if I told you that you have the same potential for greatness?

All great leaders have one thing in common: grit. In this presentation Ross Paterson shows how you can unlock your potential through 4 practices that will sharpen your thinking, stretch your limits, and make you gritty.

Infantry Commander, Airborne Ranger, Leading Joint Ventures in GE, and Ironman Triathlete. Ross knows about tough assignments and leadership grit. With over 20 years of leadership and coaching experience, Ross delivers a compelling and interactive presentation that will challenge your thinking and unlock your potential.

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