Refreshing to Have a Different Approach


Ross Patterson and Hannah Wells provided a great program to the Grapevine Chamber business leaders on the “Millennial challenge” that is talked about a great deal in the media.  Their take on the topic was engaging, realistic and caused many in the audience to re-evaluate their own impressions of our future business leaders.  It was refreshing to have a different approach on how to be successful in balancing the various generations in the workforce today.

This Message Can Be Used for All Employees

Tammy Gazzola

The Weatherford Chamber had Ross Paterson & Hannah Wells, XM Performance, speak to our membership about how to manage and engage with Millennials.  While this topic can be difficult, Ross & Hannah did an excellent job engaging everyone in the audience.  The positive message reminded leaders of the organization to clearly communicate expectations along with empowering staff.  This message can be used for all employees, not just millennials.  We received lots of positive feedback from our members on this program and feel that everyone took away some helpful hints to run a successful business!

Attendees Were Raving About the Informative Presentation

Joan Calhoun

Hannah and Ross’s presentation on Managing and Engaging Millennials was one of the best programs we have hosted at DAFP. Attendees of all ages were raving about the fun, informative and engaging presentation. It was engaging and entertaining for our audience of all ages. Their information helped both baby boomers and Millennials have a better understanding of each others beliefs, goals, behavior, and work environment. This better understanding will help leaders better manage and lead, resulting in a more productive workplace. Highly recommend XM Performance for leadership presentations.